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Egypts glass exports rise 3% over same period last year


Egyptian glass exports rose by 3 percent in January-August 2016 to US$96.14 million compared to US$93.4 million at the same period of 2015.

Egypt's glass exports rise 3% over same period last year

The latest report released by Egyptian Chemical Export Council (CEC) stated that ten firms seized 70.2 percent of total glass exports by the end of August 2016 with exports estimated at US$67.5 million.

Misr Glass Manufacturing Company S.A.E (MGM) was the largest exporter of glass products in January-August 2016 with exports estimated at US$19.8 million, capturing 29 percent of the total volume.

Asfour Crystal was the second largest exporter since it seized 19 percent of total glass exports with exports worth US$12.5 million.

The exports of Cedar Glass reached US$5.6 million during the first eight months of 2016 while exports of Kandil Glass reached around US$5.1 million.

The report showed that ten states captured 63 percent of Egypt's glass exports in January-August 2016.

Lebanon was the largest importer of Egyptian glass products with imports estimated at US$11.5 million, getting 19 percent of the total volume.

Following Lebanon, Sudan was the second largest importer since it captured 18 percent of Egyptian glass products, i.e.US$10.6 million.

Egypt's total exports of glass products to Algeria recorded US$8.9 million during the first eight months of 2016, while exports to Morocco hit US$ 7 million and exports to Turkey reached US$5.8 million, the report clarified.


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