Hubei Star Glass Corporation Limited
About Us

Hubei Star Glass Corporation Limited was founded in 2002 engaged in various kinds of safe glass sales and manufacturing. Now this sole-owned company has the fixed asset of 80 million yuan and an area of 60 thousand square meters. Our main products are glass used in cars, excavators and engineering cars.

We successively bring in diversified advanced technology and equipment, such as modern production line for tempered glass, double curving glass and regional tempered glass, including Italian automatic cutting machine, CNC processing center, consecutive production line for Finland Double Pane Glass, automatic Japan BANDO Production Line, Full Automatic Printing Machine and so forth.

Additionally, we has established complete control system for quality and cost. We got the 3C authentication of national safe glass in 2002, followed by ISO9001 quality management system and authentication in 2003 and European ECE and American DOT authentication in 2009 to combine the product quality with international market in a chime. Furthermore, the ISO/TS16946 management system for auto-cars was also introduced in 2012.

Our company has been long committing to the principle of “customer as the first priority, honesty-oriented, unswervingly self-improvement for the pursuit of brilliance”, accompanied with advanced philosophy, premium products, best service to expand large market in the world.


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